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Gochnauer Policies

Gochnauer's carries some of the best products around at the best prices. We also want to make sure your shopping experience is a good one so we have listed some internet policies and procedures that might answer any questions you have. This page will be updated as needed and if you are unsure about anything please e-mail us.


1) All units ordered are non-returnable unless special authorization is given by Gochnauer's. Items that are damaged or defective can be returned but must be handled through outlined procedures stated below. Any returns that are authorized are subject to a factory restocking fee and all situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Gochnauer's is not responsible for customer ordering errors. As soon as a credit card is given to us or payment of any kind is made, your request is now considered an order and is handled as such. Once orders are shipped, no changes can be made.

2) Any units that arrive damaged must be handled through the shipping carrier, Gochnauer's and the customer. All items that are damaged MUST have been signed for as damaged on delivery receipt while the carrier is there for Gochnauer's to be able to file a claim. Customer must initiate claim to either have unit exchanged or a damage allowance given. Customer must file a claim within 3 days of receipt for full allowances to be given. Please check all items upon receipt even if you will not use them for a longer period of time as the 3 day rule is firm without exception. If product was not signed for as damaged upon receipt, Gochnauer's can send you claim forms but can not file them for you. You are responsible for filing claim and repayment to you from shipping carrier. Gochnauer's also has the right to ship you the damaged part if minor and available at no extra charge to you to take care of the problem.

3) Units that arrive DOA must be reported to Gochnauer's within 3 days of receipt and Gochnauer's has the right to have the unit repaired under the factory warranty. All other situations by the customer could result in service and shipping fees.

4) Gochnauer's will not be responsible for extra fees charged to us from the carrier for customer delivery changes at the time of delivery. Any extra fees charged will be the responsibility of the customer if delivery provisions are changed after unit has shipped.

5) Gochnauer's has the right to substitute a comparable or better model if a sellout occurs and only after advising customer of a problem with original order. Any model substituted will be the same model or better as the original one ordered. Model will be within the same brand and will be next grade higher in features if available. Substitutions will only occur after ok is given by customer.

6) The internet department checks and responds to e-mail 7 days a week. If you have a question or problem, sending an e-mail will give you the fastest results. All quotes for product and shipping must be handled through e-mail to assure the least amount of confusion and guarantee your satisfaction. Please do not call the retail store for this information. Payment calls are glady accepted by the retail store for safety and security reasons however all other business should be done over e-mail. Any calls made over the weekend or holiday will be returned to you during the next business day. We encourage you to e-mail anything you might have for us. We can work on your problem faster and get back with an answer sooner.

7) All sales are billed immediately as we have to submit orders at time of order by you. Unless special arrangements are made ahead of time or by Gochnauer's, your purchase will be invoiced right away to guarantee you priority service and delivery.

8) All orders placed from Gochnauer's are strictly by the customer's discretion. Gochnauer's internet department can't give advise, recommend specific models for you or tell you if a certain model will fit your needs. Please do all research up front before placing orders.

9) Gochnauer Appliance is not responsible for any rebate problems associated with factory rebates. If you did not get forms when you received your shipment, you must notify us asap to be faxed them. Do NOT wait until after rebate has expired as Gochnauer's has no control over rebate submissions. All rebate issues must be handled with the rebate centers and manufacturers. We also can't be responsible for customer errors in determining amount of rebates after orders have been placed.

10) All items we sell include a full factory warranty from the manufacturer. Gochnauer's does not warranty any products themselves as everything sold has warranty directly from the manufacturer only. Any service needs for a website purchase can be done through a local authorized participating dealer in your area or factory service.